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Hi! I'm Erika Friday

The mom-life organizer

I help moms feel lighter.

I help you use what you have to build the life you want.

Not the perfect life, not what it's supposed to look like, not what you think you should be doing.

Your own authentic, intuitive motherhood. With less guilt, shame, and overwhelm. With fewer decisions and to-dos. More time. More happiness, peace, and ease.

Ready Set Moms is built on everything I've learned over the years:

  • In my 19-year career as a copywriter and creative director (clear communication, systems thinking, project and people management, vision, leadership, and adult learning modalities) 

  • In my personal experience (daughter of an elementary school principal and clinical psychologist; wife and mother of two; recovering perfectionist and postpartum anxiety survivor)

  • In my studies of parenting, personal development, mindfulness, wellness, habits, and lifestyle design

  • I've always had a knack for making the complicated simple and the simple clear, and now I do that for parents. I know how people learn and how to guide you to make real changes and reach real goals. With my empathy and deep listening, I'm able to understand where you are and empower you to let go of what isn't serving you so you can envision and manifest a more authentic, intuitive, and easeful way.

    As this business has grown, I've thought a lot about what it means to be a Ready Set Mom. What started as an "About" page evolved into a manifesto, which I think embodies what it means to rise above the mom struggle so we can live our best lives. You're welcome to download it for your inspiration or share it with someone you know can relate.

    My circus, my monkeys


    The quickest way to share my values is to share the list of charities we support, as a family and as a company:

    • Deschutes Public Library and Oakmont Carnegie Library

    • Deschutes Children's Foundation

    • The Red Cross

    • Southern Poverty Law Center

    • Planned Parenthood

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